Reduce & Reuse

From the beginning, Get A Grip has offered customers the smartest solution for making surfaces elegant, while also being conscious of environmental impact. In fact, Get A Grip's been keeping material out of landfills for more than 10 years by resurfacing instead of replacing. Our customers repeatedly say that's a factor in their decision-making. 

Did you ever stop to think… 

How many semi truckloads full of countertop material have been kept out of landfills each year by resurfacing, not replacing? The typical job we resurface has approximately 400 pounds of countertop, (2 ½' X 16'). Forty-foot trailers on a semi hold an average of 40,000 pounds, that's 100 jobs worth of countertop material. 

Conservatively, Get A Grip locations nationwide do about 1,300 countertop resurfacing jobs each month. That means we're saving 156 truckloads of materials from being buried in the earth every year. 

As a visual, all these countertops laid out on a NCAA basketball court would cover 132 courts! That's about 11 NFL football fields. Now that's environmental consciousness! 

Our products just make sense for the long run, because eventually, all bathtubs, tile surfaces, countertops, showers, and sinks wear out or go out of style. When you factor in the cost saving of up to 80 percent over conventional replacement, and the desire to reduce your carbon footprint, Get A Grip just makes sense. 

Ask yourself, "Why replace when you can resurface?"