Countertop, Get A Metallic®

Get A Metallic® is our new, modified high-performance coating system. Create spectacular results for your countertops with this product available only from Get A Grip.

Countertop resurfacing is a sprayed-on liquid product that conforms to your existing surface. Because each GET A GRIP countertop is individually hand crafted, variations in color and texture are an inherent part of the resurfacing process. If you have chosen one of our samples please keep in mind that it is only a sample.

To view before & after pictures, click on: countertop resurfacing

Metallics Metallics
Amber GM-A9
Coppermine GM-C6
Metallics Metallics
DesertSun GM-D3
Egyptian Sun GM-E4
Metallics Metallics
MesaGold GM-M5
MidnightSky GM-M7
Metallics Metallics
Onyx GM-O11
Quartz GM-Q8
Metallics Metallics
Silverado GM-S1
Silverstone GM-S2
Metallics Metallics
Topaz GM-T10
Alabaster GM-A12
Metallics Metallics
Copper Bear GM-CB13
Copper Bear Gold GM-CG15
Metallics Metallics
Copper Mesa GM-CM14
Quicksilver GM-QS16

Please note that colors shown on the website will appear slightly
different than the actual product colors.