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Q What exactly is resurfacing? 
Resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating onto bathtubs, sinks, countertops, tile, cabinets, and appliances.

Q How long will the finish last? 
With normal, proper care the finish will last for many years. Please see our warranties on Fiberglass, Porcelain & Tile, and Countertops for more information.

Q How long does it take to resurface a tub or countertop, etc.? 
It typically takes between 2 to 3 hours, depending on its condition. 

Q How long do I have to wait before I can use it? 
Please let your surfaces cure for a full 24 hours before use.

Q Why shouldn't I just buy a new bathtub or countertop? 
The high cost of labor, materials, and time associated with remodeling makes resurfacing an attractive alternative. Typically, resurfacing costs 1/3 the price of remodeling and replacing.

Q What do you use for countertops? 
™, our proprietary high-performance coating system, is the highest in quality and most unique resurfacing material on the market today.

Q Do you use the same product on bathtubs as well as countertops? 
No! Each product we use is specifically designed for porcelain, tile, fiberglass, or countertop resurfacing.

Q The laminate countertops in my kitchen are structurally sound; we just need to change the color. What colors do you offer? 
Our one-of-a-kind OTTESEY® spray system, along with Grip-Cote™, allows us to create unique colors and texturing. Eurostone®, our multi-color fleck design system, can give your countertop surfaces endless color combinations and the look and feel of stone or granite. Please see our Basic, Standard, and Premium colors for more information.

Q Can you resurface a cultured marble bathroom countertop that contains a sink? 
Yes! Grip-Cote™ is designed for superior adhesion to all plastic substrates, including cultured marble.

Q Is there an odor? 
There is a slight odor to this process. It is not harmful or intolerable and dissipates within a few hours. For occupied units, we recommend that residents vacate their residence for 3 to 4 hours after resurfacing. We also request that animals not be present at the time of resurfacing or for the 3 to 4-hour period after the resurfacing project.

Q I have a fiberglass bathtub that has a crack on the bottom. Can you fix the problem or do I need to replace the tub? 
Depending on the condition, we can bring fiberglass bathtubs back to life with our patented Bio-Inlay® fiberglass repair system.

Q I have a new bathtub with a small chip. Can this be repaired without resurfacing the entire tub? 
Yes! Our unique chip repair process means small repairs are fast and easy.

Q We just bought an old clawfoot tub and pedestal sink. Can you resurface them? 
Yes! The inside of these tubs is usually resurfaced in white. The outside can also be resurfaced in porcelain white or with a different texture or color. For the clawfoot’s legs, you can choose porcelain white, brass, or even chrome to match your fixtures. We usually resurface pedestal sinks in traditional porcelain white, but we offer multiple other colors to choose from. Please click here for more color options.

Q I'm a hotel manager with brand new bathtubs - I need slip-resistant bathtub mats. Do you offer this service? 
Yes! We can install a permanent slip-resistant surface using Grip-Tex™ a slip-resistant bathtub mat in clear or white. We also offer Grip-Guard™, a micronized polymer for slip-resistant surfaces.