Countertop Resurfacing

Take your countertops to a higher level with Get A Grip’s revolutionary Countertop Resurfacingwithout breaking the bank! We’ll transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We also help keep replacement materials out of landfills. Get A Grip gets the job done without messes or hassles. We pride ourselves with making Bath and Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing the easiest it can be. After a 24 hour curing period, your surface will be beautiful and ready to use!

Eurostone®, our revolutionary multi-color fleck design, gives you the look and feel of luxurious stone or granite for all your countertop surfaces with endless color combinations. This Countertop Refinishing technique requires no under-coat or clear topcoat, making it unique in the resurfacing industry.

To view our Eurostone® colors, click on: Get A Metallic®Premium CollectionStandard Collection, or Basic Collection.


We pride ourselves here at Get A Grip in providing durable products that are uniquely designed for each individual surface we plan to refinish.  This ensures our coating will adhere firmly, and you will have a countertop you can depend on.

Care & Maintenance: Click here to learn how to properly care and maintain your newly-resurfaced countertop.

Warranty Information: Click here to learn more about what you can expect from your countertop warranty.